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A cornice is a decorative molding that is often seen at the very top of a building’s outer wall or where the wall meets the roof. We specialize in replication and restoration of your historical homes.

The Best Table Legs Ultimate A to Z Guide.

Wooden Table Legs

Choosing the best table legs can be a pain in the neck. With this guide though, no matter how hard the process is, we will make it super easy for you.

The importance of tables in your home cannot be overstated. The dining table, in particular, is very important and by extension, that makes dining table legs important as well. You could go as far as to argue that a dining table is the most important piece of furniture in your house.

A dining table is important because a family assembles to eat there; when guests come over they eat at the dining table – in a way, dining tables are the center of the house. In some cultures, dining tables are also a status symbol. The bigger the table the greater the status. The reason for this is that a big table implies the capacity to feed a larger number of people and hence a bigger status.

As far as table legs are concerned, they are arguably the most important part of a table. One of the reasons for this is that when a person looks at your table the first thing that he or she notices is your table leg(s). It may be hard to believe at first, but it is true! Symbolically speaking, the legs are what keep the table standing. Therefore, strong and wonderful table legs not only add aesthetic value but impact the viewer’s subconscious mind as to their strength and quality.

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Types Of Table Legs

Table legs come in many different forms and sizes. Let us have a look at the more common ones:

Trumpet Leg

This is a kind of furniture leg that is turned and narrow at the base. It looks like an upturned trumpet, hence the name. Usually, the top is capped with a dome and ends with a Spanish foot.

Spider Leg

Spider legs are usually slim and curved and tend to accompany smaller tables which are meant for 3 to 4 people. Spider legs have a long history, dating back to as early as the 18th century.

Spiral Leg

Believed to have its origins somewhere in the Indian subcontinent, the spiral leg looks like a twisted rope. Some customers tend to love spiral legs for their old-fashioned look.

Cabriole Leg
In this piece of furniture leg, ankle curves inwards and the knee curves outwards, often ending with an ornamental foot.

Fluted Leg

In a fluted leg, a series of rounded channels are fixed straight up into a straight leg. Fluted legs are believed to have their origins in Greece.

Reeded Leg

Reeded legs are somewhat similar to fluted legs with the main difference being that reeded legs are convex as opposed to fluted legs which are concave.

Flemish Scroll Leg

In a Flemish scroll leg, there are scrolls at both the top and the bottom, twisting in directions opposite to each other.

Saber legs

It gets its name from the mythical saber (a kind of curved sword). The leg culminates in a concave shape. Many sofas and stools have saber legs.

Marlborough Legs

The Marlborough leg is rather plain and typically culminates in a block foot although there are other variants. Marlborough legs are a popular choice for bedsteads.

Hairpin Legs

As the name suggests, hairpin legs look like hairpins. They usually accompany chairs and are long. Bars tend to have chairs with hairpin legs.

What To Look For When Buying Table Legs?

Factors which could influence the kind of table and table legs are many. Here are a few factors which affect the shape and size of a table leg. Some of these are:

1.Purpose Of The Room:

The purpose of the room in which the table stands is one of the determining factors when it comes to table legs. For example, a restaurant would have a different type of table and table legs as compared to a museum. A bar could have a one-legged table. What is appropriate for one purpose may not be appropriate for another.

2.Size Of The Room:

The size of the room in which the table is located also plays a role in determining the kind of table and table legs. A very small room will not have a particularly large table with long table legs, for example.

3. Shape Of The Table:

The shape of the table itself has a role to play in the kind of table legs it has. An oval shaped table will have different kinds of legs compared to say, a square shaped table.
4. Overall Room Layout:

The overall room layout will have to be considered while selecting the right table leg. The color of the walls, the makeup of the room, etc. all play a part.

5. Users:

Who will use the table is an important question to ask yourself. For example, if elderly people are more likely to use your room, then ideally you do not want table legs that are too high. A hairpin leg, for example, could be inappropriate in such a case.

6. Material:

Do you want wooden table legs, metal table legs or vintage table legs? Each has their own sets of pros and cons. Your choice of table legs will be limited by the material of the table (and table legs) that you want.

Where To Buy Table Legs?

By now you should have a clear idea about the most common types of table legs that exist in the market, as well as the tips and tricks you should have in mind before making a purchase. And here comes the last part, the best place to buy table legs. This, my friend, is also covered.

On, we have some awesome readily available table legs to choose from. Being in the market for so many years, we know what it takes to make the best table legs. On the store, we make the table legs on our own, with our own material and stuff. We also ensure that you get a variety of options to choose from. You can have a look at some of them here.

Do not underestimate the importance of table and table legs. They form a significant part of your house. Research shows that people often form an opinion of you based on the aesthetic appeal of your place and tables and table legs form an integral part of that. Choose wisely when it comes to table legs keeping in mind the things mentioned in this article. Do not be afraid to experiment.

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Restoration Details

A cornice is a decorative molding that is often seen at the very top of a building’s outer wall or where the wall meets the roof. We specialize in replication and restoration of your historical homes.